Rose Quartz Healing Crystal – Elix Bottle

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Rose Quartz Healing Crystal - Elix Bottle

Rose Quartz Healing Crystal

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Why a Rose Quartz?

Rose is the stone of Universal Love.

If you want to invite love in your life, Rose Quartz is the best for you.

Not only Rose Quartz sends off strong vibrations of love and warmth to the world, it also inspires the self-love.

Keeping Rose Quartz close serves as a great reminder to accepting and loving yourself as you truly are.

This beautiful Pink Stone can help you to restore trust and harmony in the relationships, encouraging unconditional love


✔️✔️ Unconditional Love

✔️ Self-Love

✔️ Kindness and Friendship 

✔️ Romantic and Platonic Love 


✔️ 100% Genuine: all our Crystals are Handmade and Unique

✔️ Naturally Origin and Ethically manufactured