Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal – Elix Bottle

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Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal - Elix Bottle

Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal

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Why a Lapis Lazuli?

By activating the Third Eye Chackra, this stone is encouraging your spirituality and expanding your consciousness

The Lapis Lazuli is also a Protective Stone and can be a real guard against Psychic Attacks and Negativity

It helps reduce the Stress and brings you deep and inner Peace


✔️✔️ Inner Truth and Inner Power 

✔️ Love and Friendship 

✔️ Purification 

✔️ Intuition 

✔️ Positive Magic

✔️ Self-Confidence

✔️ Manifestation 


✔️ 100% Genuine: all our Crystals are Handmade and Unique

✔️ Naturally Origin and Ethically manufactured