Black Obsidian Healing Crystal – Elix Bottle

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Black Obsidian Healing Crystal - Elix Bottle

Black Obsidian Healing Crystal

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Why a Black Obsidian?

Black Obsidian is a stone who protects you from outside negatives forces

Obsidian is going to keep all of your doubts and uncertainties away and help you to boost your confidence and faith in yourself. 

This black Stone is a psychic Protection Stone who works as an aura cleanser for you. This is the perfect stone to protect you from negativity or to clean negative attachments with people. 

The Black Obsidian is also known to help you to contact your spiritual guide


✔️✔️ Higher Confidence 

✔️ Protection from negativity

✔️ Purification

✔️ Stress and Tension Relief 

✔️ Compassion and Strength  


✔️ 100% Genuine: all our Crystals are Handmade and Unique

✔️ Naturally Origin and Ethically manufactured